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Nearby attractions

Attractions recommended: (directions from hotel to attractions)

  • Lasithi Plateau - Zeus cave: 50km North (Lasithi Region)
  • Knossos Palace - Museum in Iraklion: 50km West (Heraklion Region)
  • Phaistos Palace: 110km South West (Heraklion Region)
  • Malia Palace: 5km West (Heraklion Region)
  • Samaria Gorge: 160km South West (Chania Region)
  • Sarakina Gorge: South (Lasithi Region)
  • Spinalonga Island in Elounda Gulf: 35km East (Lasithi Region)
  • Vai: 130km East (Lasithi Region)
  • Nida Plateau – Ideon Andro - Zeus cave: 100km West (Rethymnon Region)
  • Traditional villages in the area: 25 to 60km East & West
  • Golden Island (from Ierapetra port): 60km South plus 1h by boat (kaiki) (Lasithi Region)
  • Santorini (one day trip from Iraklion port): 45km West plus 2h by Flying Cat
  • Churches and Monasteries of 14th century: 25km to 100km East & West
  • Agios Nicolaos: 20km East (Lasithi Region)
  • Cretan Open-Air Museum "Lychnostatis": 20km West (Heraklion Region)
  • Golf: 30km East (Heraklion Region)

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